#WhyWeCare – the annual ‘Foster Care Fortnight’ campaign

The annual ‘Foster Care Fortnight’ campaign began earlier this week, aiming to ‘shine a light’ on the work being done by Local Authority foster carers. From 10th-23rd May 2021, the campaign will see buildings all across Wales lit up Orange and Cardiff and the Vale residents are being asked to place a lamp in their front window.

This year’s theme, #WhyWeCare, is to show and observe the remarkable commitments that foster carers take on when providing a home for children in need. 

It is estimated that at the end of February 2021, 750 children in the Cardiff and Vale area were under Local Authority care with 595 of those children in Cardiff alone. 

‘The Fostering Network’ established the campaign in 1997, showcasing the dedication, passion and commitment of foster carers around the UK. It is hoped that the campaign will also recruit new foster carers, as the number of children in need of a home increases. 

The Vale of Glamorgan council will be sharing content throughout the two-week campaign, across their various social media channels in support of the campaign and to highlight the positive impact fostering can have on young people’s lives.  

If you feel you can provide a safe and loving environment to a child when they need it most, click here.