Organisation Hacks For Your Office Desk

Believe it or not, having a tidy office desk helps with productivity. Nobody wants to fumble through their belongings to find a paper-clip, or untangle wires just so you can find the right one. There are so many ways to make your life that little bit easier at work, so we’ve put together a list of hacks to make your desk more organised. 

Hack 1: Spice-Rack Organiser

Do you have a spice-rack on your kitchen side that’s been empty for a while? Give it a new purpose! Fill each container with your every-day office supplies, like paper-clips, rubber bands, drawing pins, small pencils and more. Easily accessible, you’ll never have to stress about finding an item again!

Hack 2: Kitchen Basket 

Do you have loose wires under your desk that make your otherwise tidy desk seem unorganised? Use a kitchen basket! Attach it to the underside of your desk and thread the wires through. No more messy wires! 

Hack 3: Shoe-rack for supplies 

A hanging shoe rack doesn’t cost a lot, and is perfect for keeping those larger supplies hidden away. Fill each section with things like scissors, staplers and sharpies. 

Hack 4:  Tape is the new cleaning product

As anyone with a keypad knows, dirt and grime builds up over time and can make your computer keys seem dirty. Use some tape to dab in-between the keys, it will pick up any loose dirt and make your keyboard sparkle! 

Hack 5: Make-shift bin for sniffly noses 

It’s winter, meaning colds are sweeping through offices. Attach an empty tissue box to a full one using rubber bands. You now have an easily accessible bin to place your used tissues in without having to leave your desk! 

Hack 6: Spring your notes and letters 

Almost everyone in an office-based job has a pile of untidy paperwork on their desk. Use a spring from an old pen and horizontally place any notes and letters between each roll of wire. 

Hack 7: Drawer Dividers

Is your desk drawer filled with essential supplies but you find yourself rummaging through the entire content to find your favourite pen? Using a divider will allow you to easily access what you need, when you need it. 

Hack 8: Pegboard 

Give yourself endless opportunities to hang supplies, decor and photos to your desk area with a pegboard. Everything you need will be right infant of you, and you can customise them the way you want too! 

Hack 9: Coat Rack 

Mounting a coat rack near your desk is perfect for storing all of your bulky items, such as cables and cords, headphones and any other bits that unnecessarily clutter your desk. Remember, a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.