Fashion Re-Boot

When I talk to my friends about what they have missed the most during this pandemic, most of them said, seeing their family, socialising with friends, going away on holiday, and shopping!

Since the onset of Covid, much of what we have relied on and took for granted over the years, has been taken away from us. Lockdown has literally stripped everything down! As a result, many of us have been longing to invest in some new clothes, to celebrate but mostly to draw a line under a series of unprecedented and sad events. More than an exchange of money; buying clothes is about sharing, comparing, feeling and trying on different styles. It is a social and satisfying experience which helps us re-enforce our own style and personality. A little of shopping therapy which makes us feel good about ourselves!

Fashion has literally been out on pause, with shows being more or less inexistent in the past year, leaving us without guidance or direction as to which style to adopt. In a strange way however, it has been rather liberating! With no one to tell us what to wear, it has taught us about what makes us happy in our outer skin. Giving us the freedom to choose the kind of clothes we enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in and embrace our own personal style without the underlying pressure and constraint of following a given trend!

As we prepare for the high street to re-open, there is no doubt that things will look and feel very different. With the loss of so many well-loved brands, the shopping experience we all left behind a year ago will never feel quite the same. The pandemic has most definitely changed the way we shop forever. Conversely, it has also given the chance however for new brands to emerge and shine. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, sustainable and smaller labels with environmental credentials are emerging to seize their moment.

Check out…– a new and sustainable brand using eco-friendly and processes

Nobody’s Child– another eco conscious fashion brand aiming for zero waste and which can be found at Marks & Spencer

Ro&Zo– feminine floral and animal print dresses are almost all made from eco certified fabrics and which can be ordered on line or bought at John Lewis & partners

The 20th of March saw the official beginning of Spring and with it a kind of new beginning and a chance to bounce back! Maybe it is now time to nudge ourselves out of our comfort dressing zone and get our va va voum back on track! Lockdown or no lockdown, we all deserve to look after ourselves. So put on your favourite outfit, make yourself look fabulous and get ready for re-entry!

Salutations, Sylvie