Museum Talks: Time Traveller’s Prehistoric Nightmares

What were the scariest periods in prehistory before the dinosaurs?

Fossils show us the amazing, strange (and sometimes scary!) creatures that inhabited our world in the past. Millions of years before there were dinosaurs, lots of fascinating animals crawled or swam in our oceans, scuttled through the undergrowth and flew around in the skies. Join two Museum palaeontologists as they explore some of the earliest life on Earth and talk about what they think were the scariest periods in prehistory. Warm seas and reefs teeming with life might sound idyllic, but what creatures were lurking in the depths? Maybe it feels safer not to go in the water at all, but would a stroll through a coal swamp really be a walk in the park or could you meet scary animals on land, too?

This talk will be delivered in the curator’s first language: English

Cost Pay What You Can – Suggested Donation: £5


Oct 31 2021


6:00 pm






Cardiff Museum