Flossy and Boo: The Girl Who Couldn’t Pretend

A Flossy and Boo & RCT Theatres co-production

‘It’s just a box, I don’t want to pretend,
I really don’t need an imaginary friend.
It’s square and it’s small and it’s made of wood,
There’s nothing more than that to be understood’

There was once a girl who couldn’t pretend. One day, while mum is busy, she’s left alone in a room with nothing but a box. But maybe the box isn’t just a box after all…

The Girl Who Couldn’t Pretend is a whirlwind adventure story of a girl who tries to find her imagination. Helped by many characters along the way, she hunts through forests, sea and sky to pretend her way into some of the most amazing places – from whale racing with the Queen of the underwater world, to flying in a hot air balloon to name the stars.

With live, original music, fun characters and interaction, Flossy and Boo return with their magical brand of storytelling in this beautiful story about the power of imagination.


£10, £8


Feb 21 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm




Chapter Arts Centre