Existential Fish & Dread

Stephen Hawking’s dead. Martin’s having a breakdown. And Ellie? She’s feeding the fish.

When Martin hears that the world’s greatest scientific mind has died, he’s tipped over the edge.
Who will figure out where we came from, and why we’re here?

Lucky for him, chance – or destiny – finds him in an aquarium with Ellie, a PhD student studying astrophysics. As the fish swim in circles, so too do these strangers, running through science, philosophy and theology as they search for the meaning of life – and whether there is such a thing at all.

Existential Fish and Dread is a comedy-drama by Pontyclun native Martha Reed, directed by (BORN) Gwenan Bain and presented by female-led company Steph Hartland Productions.

“…clever, moving and well performed.” ★★★★ London Pub Theatres


£10, £8


Feb 17 2022


7:30 pm