A Space To Call Your Own

Desg- Welsh for desk- is a new co-working brand for the Welsh capital offering flexibility and versatility.

On arrival at Desg you are met by a cooly dark and sleek fa├žade, with nothing but the business’s subtle but effective branding.

Once inside it’s difficult to decide whether you’re there to do a day’s work or check-in for some treatments at a high-end spa. Not only does the sound system bathe you in chilled-out music worthy of the Balearic Islands, the entire decor, with its lush natural planting and warm tonal hues, undoubtedly provides an inviting working environment.

But this is more than just skin-deep. The materials employed throughout and the methods of construction are highly technical; affording clients graduated levels of privacy, depending upon their requirements.

To use an estate agent’s parlance, the building is deceptively spacious. Once you’re beyond the open plan co-workspace, there are a wide range of difference spaces available- offices and meeting rooms- accommodating anything from a team of two up to a full board meeting. And Desg’s personnel are always on hand, doing their utmost to cater specifically to the varied requests and requirements of their clients, be they clients for a single day or an entire year.

On the first floor, directly above the open plan co-workspace, you’ll discover Desg’s main communal area. Thanks to the impressive picture windows, you are treated to expansive views of Llandaff Fields in what is an extremely well-equipped space. Well, how else does one describe a space that consists of its own bar area.

Due to the constraints of the pandemic, the business has only been operational for approximately three months, but it was clear to see that the concept is gaining traction within the local business community: the nameplate in reception displaying their longer-term clients was noticeable short on gaps.

Oh, did I mention there’s an onsite gym with shower facilities? Forgotten your shower gel? Fear not! Desg even has its own proprietary scent within the soap dispensers. Attention to detail is evident, everywhere!

A personal thank you to Operations Manager, Ollie, for the guided tour.